Tuesday, September 2, 2008

“It's a Pop Tart Morning!”

The young guy walking in front of me over the Franklin Street bridge said to his buddy. The only thing he had in his hand was a box of Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts.

No briefcase, no bag, nothing but the blue-boxed-8-pack.

Yum...what a great way to start off this day, especially after Keith (a.k.a. yard boy; sweaty boy; and slave), my family (with special props to my sissy, Vicki, who came up from Kentucky and was a help beyond words!) and I prepared like crazy for my 50th Birthday Bash on Sunday and having it end up even more spectacular than I could ever have imagined (it included a fireworks' display)!

So in the aftermath of that great weekend, I wish you all a "Pop Tart Morning!" with the sweet, sugary smell and warm, fuzzy feelings they bring on this hot, muggy Chicago day.

i’m still party gay


judy said...

What a "fantabulous" party you had! I know you, Keith and your family put a great amount of work into this, and it was a huge success!! What a great blessing and gift to be surrounded by those who love you so dearly (me included!!) Wishing you MANY more great birthdays to come. xoxo
P.S. Nice touch with the fireworks show :)
P.S.S. Santa got too drunk so we had to leave him laying in the front yard.

Susan said...

Jude....thanks for the kind words!

Yes, the fireworks were especially touching - it was nice of everyone to pay for them!

As far as Santa goes...I am hoping he sobers up and stumbles back home soon.

he clashes with the Hello Kitty balloons


Sounds like a great time! Glad your bday ending with a bang

:) Thanks for the info btw!