Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Could you just help me up?"

I asked the guy standing behind me in the bus line last night on my way home. I don't usually take the CTA to the train station...but yesterday while sitting at my desk I reached to my right with my left arm and a pain shot thru my lower back like lightning.

At the end of my work day I started walking to Union Station, but after making the turn from Franklin onto Wacker Drive, a pain started going down my legs and I had to stop to catch my breath....it was then I got out two dollars and walked, very slowly, back to the bus stop, which, fortunately, was only about 50 feet away.

The bus pulled up and as I was the next one to get on - I realized that I had to pick my feet up high to make the first step, which is when I asked the guy behind me for help and explained that my back "went out" and he obliged.

When he and I got on the bus - there were no seats - so we stood alongside each other - holding onto poles for balance - him casually holding on, me gripping mine with all my strength to try and ward off the pain. Then the tears started...I didn't mean to cry, it was one of those "you just fell off your bike when you were about 7 years old" type of crying...it just happened.

So I pulled a "Sarah Palin" and phoned a friend. Hedy has dealt with back issues and I knew that she could be on the same train home. I got out my cell phone and called her, telling her what was going on and asking if she was going to be on the 5:26 train.

All the while my "helper" guy was standing next to me and unless he was deaf, had to hear what I was dealing with.

So as we pulled up to Union Station he was the first one in line to get off the bus and I was the second.....now what do you think he did?

Did he get off and wait to unselfishly help me painfully maneuver that step down.....


Did get off the bus and run across the street...never looking back to see if I was able to depart the bus on my own two feet or if I crawled off in a ball of pain.

if you picked the first...you are insane



that's awful!!

the entire thing!!

Did you pinch a nerve? I'm hoping Hedy passed you her chiro buddy!!

Feel better.

Cindiloo said...

It's really hard for me to get my head around how some people can just walk away when someone is hurt and in need of help.

I'm sorry you had to go through that awful experience!!! I hope it's nothing serious.