Friday, August 1, 2008

"Union Row Townhomes from $530,000"

I read on the large sign as the train started its bend into Union Station this morning. I have watched this project over the past year transform a very tiny sliver of garbage/weed-laden land into townhomes.

Union Row is one of many, many projects under development in our city. But this is the only one that I have closely watched and wondered about.

These pricey townhomes are being built in an industrial area, bound on two sides by the Dan Ryan expressway and the Metra tracks and at the east end of the development, next to the electric transformer station, is a small clump of bushes that contain the remnants of a homeless guy's temporary shelter.

With the existing homes for sale and vacant buildings in that area that I see from my perch on the train – I can’t fathom why they would build here.

And, of course, they would NEVER sell!

Or would they?

As of today, Union Row is almost completely sold out.

Which is why I am not a real estate developer – that would be a career I would completely fumble.

trains/cars/trucks don't rumble?

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