Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Today is a padded cami day!”

I reported to Bruce when I walked into the office this morning – like if I didn’t announce it – he wouldn’t be able to tell.

Several years ago I was introduced to padded cami’s via my then 14-year-old daughter - a friend of hers wore one over her regular bra everyday to school…..making the normally flat-chested freshman girl look very well-endowed (which worked until she went on the annual band trip and had to wear a swimsuit – suddenly the boys were wondering what happened to her boobs!)

And they were on sale at our local Kohl’s store for $10.00.


I could look like I had big boobs, without the expense and pain of implants, for only 10 bucks at Kohl’s?


I bought two white ones and a brown one (they didn't have any black).

So for the last couple of years....I have been able to decide each morning if I want to be a very full C cup or my normal small B.

And outside of the whole “false advertisement” issue....which when you are in a relationship already - doesn’t really matter, I can see no drawbacks to a middle aged woman finally (and very cheaply) allowing herself when she feels like it, to have the boobs that God meant to give her....but had forgotten.

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Hedy said...

I had the opposite problem over the weekend - why is it that the only place you can find un-padded bras are in the "full figure" section of the lingerie department? And they're all ginormous white Gramma-type bras, which I gave up after my surgery. Congratulations on your padded cami discovery - love it.

Susan said...

Hey Hedy....

Have you ever tried Tina's Closet in Lisle? I have another friend with biggies, who loves their fittings and bras. Pricey, but she swears they are the best ever.

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Cindiloo said...

I actually prefer the padded vs. no pad, to hide the poking out effect! As you know, mine have their own area code so that could be dangerous if they're not properly camouflage.

Susan said...

Glad to read that Cin...

the only time mine "poke out" is when I am braless, wearing only a wife-beater, standing in the snow and that, my dear, takes guts.

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hmm,..I always need to refrain from padded and also require the ones that are pad free but lifting (Thank you breastfeeding3x and everything else that comes with pulling and tugging and engorging and growing)...
surprisingly I adore Tina's place for my boobies that make me feel like home..

get a girl pup, ha, that still is cracking me up!!