Thursday, August 14, 2008

“I will be turning 50 and having...

a party with or without you!”

was my early morning angry snippet.

I was talking on the phone to Keith and I was not too happy.

He responded with “I will be there.”

“With a date?” I yelled back.

We rarely least not out loud.

So last night came out of the blue and I will say that it was like the perfect storm…everything was lined up just right and it hit with a vengeance.

Those of you that don’t know, my boyfriend Keith is 11 years younger than me and looks even younger than that.

I could write blog after blog about all the times he has been carded and I have been “waived” thru.

Yesterday, early in the evening, when things started heading south - I was home alone and going to be alone until the daughter showed up after work, so I hit the road and did what any other red-blooded, middle-aged cougar with limited funds would do....

I went to Target.

Where I found myself in the little girls’ department fondling the perfect make-me-feel-younger-than-I-really-am red t-shirt, that I wore today, coupled with my teenage daughter's matching rhinestone necklace...those two items, along with my booty jeans, black/silver high heeled sandals and my favorite belt – watch out!

And it certainly doesn’t matter that it took me an extra 10 minutes to walk to the office because I was afraid of falling off these heels and turning my ankle, possibly resulting in a brittle-bone-fracture; and so what if I was constantly pulling the back of my shirt down to make sure that my smaller-than-what-they-were-but-still-there muffin tops weren’t exposed; and the white of my, you-had-to-know-I wore-it, padded cami wasn’t showing....all the while trying to look cool and young.

But Susan you aren’t young.

Yeah, I know and as I wrote this I recognized the ridiculousness of it all.

So when I get home tonight, I will be giving my daughter her necklace and the Hello Kitty! t-shirt, that she can choose to wear herself or pass along to one of her friends’ younger sisters....a girl that is 6 to 12 years old...the actual target age group the designer was seeking.

the jeans, heels and padded cami...those i'm keeping


Cindiloo said...

So should I gleam from this that the fight was about the hello kitty t-shirt? Or was it that Keith made the mistake of opening his mouth when he should have kept it shut? Ron does it all the time! When will they ever learn?

Susan said..., no, no..the "disagreement" had nothing to do with the Hello Kitty shirt...I bought that after the discussions started, trying to make myself feel younger.

It is complicated, but ended up okay.

that's all I can say

Rhea said...

Sometimes a trip to Target can solve a lot of problems.

Susan said...

Thanks for the comment Rhea!

Yes....those trips can be very enlightening.....

or frightening

Liz said...

My trips to Target often result in "Um... why did I buy that again?" clothes moments. There's just something about that store... impending birthday or not...that gives most of us a false reality of ourselves. Like the overly tight jeans I bought b/c they make me look skinny. But they dont. They make me look like a giant sea cow.

Susan said...

Liz....a "giant sea cow"...I am going to say that can't possibly be true in real life...but in our heads I know we see ourselves, at times, as huge!

Enjoy the pleasantness of your youth...because when you get "older" staying in a shape other than round is not fun!!

i run, run, run...


Target is my therapy--I can't stick to my lists and I always spend more then I should on a limited income but it always feels oh so good!! :)