Monday, July 7, 2008

"May I have this dance?"

he forgot to ask....he just started waltzing with me - back-and-forth as I was walking to the office this morning.

Actually I was power walking-to-try-and-was-successful-at beating the severe thunderstorms that have enveloped the Loop as I type.

Over these years I have developed a 9-times-out-of-ten-successful way of avoiding the sidewalk back and forth dance by keeping my head up and looking in the direction I am going to walk....that usually gives those walking towards you a clue as to where you are headed and they will go the opposite way.

In the case of this morning's waltzing partner - residual holiday hangover could be the answer.

sidewalk dancer

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Anonymous said...

5 Barks! I really like this one! See you at 6s- la girl