Thursday, June 26, 2008

“I would not like to live in the city.”

The 9 year-oldish looking boy said to his Mom as I walked past this morning.

Which reminded me....

I started working in Chicago when I was a 17 year-old senior in high school, due to an overloaded class schedule in my junior year - I only had classes in the morning. So I was able to go to school and then take the train into the city to work a few hours at a small law firm in the afternoon.

That was 32 years ago - last month.

Back then my grand plan was to have two residences – one in Chicago that I would use during the week; and for the weekends - one in a western suburb – where my family and friends resided – so I could reconnect and relax out in the “country".

That never happened.

What did happen was a marriage; a house in the burbs; two kids; a bigger house in the burbs; a divorce; a smaller house in the burbs; my son moved out; so now an even smaller house in another suburb.

The first house was about 20 miles from where I live now – the last three have been within three miles of each other…..

Once I planted my roots – I stayed.

But within the last six months or so, I started having this little voice - way, way in the back of my mind nudging me into the city. What I thought I wanted all those years ago – my grand plan – could actually happen.

If my daughter chooses a Chicago college to attend – she and I could rent a place in the city for a time and I could get a taste of what it is like. My weekend suburban home would have to be homes of friends and family (I can’t afford two places!) – but it could work.

I wonder why that little boy didn’t want to live down here?

Maybe I should have slowed my pace to hear his answer to his Mom’s follow up question of “Why?".....

I sometimes wonder if the snippets I overhear are messages from the Great Beyond that offer me guidance.

Well they could be!

No, I haven’t been drinking this morning.

At least not yet.

don’t fret


the dilf said...

Don't move by that Burker King!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the relocating tip, Dilf.

a milf

Catherine said...

I think living in the city is amazing - I want to live downtown when my kids move out. Cat

Susan said...

Hey Cat - how many more years is that?



I've always pictured me condo ready with my husband at retirement age...outta the house and somewhere beachy, or, in the mountains..

extremes but fun to dream.


Cindiloo said...

Does a sexy pool boy come with the apt? (21 and built) can you say sta-min-a!!!