Wednesday, June 18, 2008

House Burned!

was the first black marker scrawled line on her cardboard sign this morning, followed with:

Money gone!

Severe injuries!

Family dead!

Please help!

As much as I don't advocate doling out money to panhandlers....if I see her again - I might give up a dollar or two for creativity alone.

on her own


the dilf said...

give her some band-aids for her injuries!

Susan said...

Yes, for her SEVERE injuries...
I hope a band-aid covers.

holy mothers

Liz said...

Wow. I really want to be helpful and sympathetic, but mostly I'm just too paranoid to even roll down my window these days. Gosh, I sound like my mom.

Susan said...

Liz - I agree - usually your best bet is to not make eye contact...I have gotten myself in "trouble" before because I have smiled and been nice to people on the street.

i had to retreat