Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"May showers bring....

June flowers???"....or something like that!

A very wet Chicago greeted me when I departed Union Station this morning.

While standing at the light to the north of the Civic Opera House, about 10 feet back from the curb, waiting for it to change, a woman walked past and stood at the curb....right at the curb.

Sorry, I couldn’t help but watch as that first cab went flying by, hitting the giant curbside puddle....and to her SURPRISE covered her nice-light-spring-colored pants with street-mucked-water - they were soaked!

my giggles – I choked.


Judy said...

Could puddle splashed woman possibly be the same one who had pants that didn't automatically change lengths according to her shoe selection????

Susan said...

Judy - great question...not sure, being I could not get myself to see what the "non-auto-changing pants" woman looked like yesterday...but possibly this one was from the same line of blood.


Catherine said...

Ah just a little common sense would have helped her out a bit... But starting a rainy day in Chicago with giggles is a great way to go!