Tuesday, April 15, 2008

“You’re an animal.”

She said to me as we were walking thru Union Station last night on my way home.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re an animal.” the stranger repeated.

“I am an animal?”

“No! Do you HEAR an animal? I thought I heard an animal, like a dog.” she sharply said.

For the record, she was on my left side – my bad hearing side.

Also when she first started mumbling – I smiled at her.

I get myself into more problems with kooks because I am a smiler.

My smiling either makes them feel comfortable in approaching me because they think I am a nice person; or they see that stupid smile on my face and think “Oh, look there’s another crack pot like me!”

Look mad – that’s the key.


the dilf said...

It's 100% because of your smile. When you walk down the street today, look at how many people are either looking straight at the ground or just frowning. Why is everyone so miserable? Smiles are contagious.

Also, I can't stand mumblers! My wife and her whole family mumble. Drives me outta my mind. Speak UP!

Susan said...

Howdy Dilf!

I was married to a mumbler for a long time - not only would he mumble, but he would then get angry when I would ask him what he said!

hot head

p.s. - FTR - I am going to keep on smiling - at the least it makes good blog material.



wierd, cuz I just read about how the police killed a cougar in downtown chicago..she must have cougariffic type hearing!

growling at doctors.