Thursday, April 3, 2008


was the only identifier next to the whimsical face adhered with what appeared to be white paint, to a door on the side of Chipotle at Franklin and Wells some time ago.

“How cute!” was my first thought as I stopped to take a picture and wondered how I could get it off the door without ruining it –take it home and frame it to keep….forever and ever!!

Deciding it couldn't be removed intact – I headed to my office.

This past weekend when my artistic son stopped by, I showed him the photo of the “artwork” that I had stumbled upon.

He immediately recognized the artist’s work – it seems that Melt is a street artist – a graffiti tagger of sorts – except that Melt’s artwork is usually non-permanent. He further explained to me that what I thought was white “paint” is actually wheat paste – a sticky glue like substance made out guessed it – wheat.

When I told him that I had thought about taking it down – to keep for myself – he informed me that in the street art world that would be unacceptable. “Street art is to be left where the artist put it!” “That would be stupid to take it down and put it where only a few people could see it!” he firmly stated.

Okay, okay – I get it, I get it – but I still wouldn’t mind having a Melt street piece hanging on the spicy orange walls of my in-farmhouse gallery of art.



the dilf said...

I have to say that your daughter is 1 up, on your son, on your website. She has a great picture of herself and he has a yellow garage door. Your loyal reader DILF, is challenging your son, for a new and improved picture!
Show us what you've got, kid!


make the rain stop!
I'm supposed to be on the streets of chicago today with three little ones..
make the melting stop.


Susan said...

Morning, Dilf - thanks for the props on my daughter's talented eye. Within the next two weeks she and I are going to go on a graffiti shoot. Riding the rails every day as I do - I have seen some fabulous works of art along the tracks - as long as we stay within reasonable "hoods" that should go well.

In the meantime I will post something different from my son - he really is quite good - just more into architectural and structural shots (my avatar is one of his photos). He loved the yellow door picture because he uses only natural light and as an artist - he tells me light is key.

wait and see

Susan said...

Crusty - good luck down here with the little ones - it is not currently raining - but it is cool, windy and gray.

have a good day