Monday, March 3, 2008

“You aren’t going to drown!”

Is the to-my-brain-directly-out-my-mouth snippet for this morning.

No less than four trains let commuters off at the same time today in Union Station - turning a normally congested train station into a cattle drive.

With the same proportions and mentality.

So when we finally got into the outside world, I found it frustrating that people were stopped right before the Adam’s Street bridge because water pools there. I am talking maybe an inch deep in the middle and people come to a halt to contemplate how best to forge the great body of water so as to not drown – all the while the cattle are backing up.

So the snippet just came out of my mouth – tourette’s style and loud.

It is a rainy, windy and gray Chicago morning. Although warmer than it has been – the joy of that is being tempered by the forecast of several upcoming days of snow and a high of 22 degrees by Friday.

Let’s just get this done.

not fun.


the dilf said...

i kinda wish all of those cattle....were actually nekked women.....stampeding thru my front door, demanding a shot at the DILF!

Hedy said...

Incredibly cute. I like it when the opposite happens - when I'm stopped for a way better reason than a puddle - oh say, maybe TRAFFIC - and the people behind are all 'Why aren't you MOVING?' So they walk around me to be a few feet ahead (wooHOO!) only to block MY WAY while they're watching traffic and I'm walking forward, watching the light.

Susan said...

Hedy - that is a pet peeve of mine also - I think that while walking down here it should be like driving - yield to those that have the right of way!

Also, Dilf, just what would your wife say about a naked stampede?