Friday, March 7, 2008

“We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast…

for a RANT from your author!” “Susan – take it away.....”

Yesterday afternoon my son and his girlfriend were hit by a Mexican driving an old beat up Green GMC Jimmy, who pulled out of a side street and attempted to make an illegal left hand turn. He then backed up and SPED AWAY!!

First and foremost I am thankful my son and his girlfriend weren’t seriously injured.

Now that I have that out of the way……

I have had it! Oh, did I mention that my son was driving MY car? My car that I bought in 2000 brand new and worked very hard to pay it off so that I would not have car payments!

Did I mention that I have been paying CAR INSURANCE since I have been 16 years old?

Did I mention that this is the SECOND time a MEXICAN has hit a family member of mine and then DROVE OFF?

Yes, I know that it isn’t just Mexicans who drive without insurance or for some other reason decide to FLEE the scene of an accident they caused. But I can only talk about what has happened to me and my family and in BOTH cases it was a Mexican.

Something....something has got to be done!!

Why is that my insurance company now has to pay for the repairs (hopefully they don’t total the Red Rocket!) and I have to pay a deductible of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS -all because some loser can’t drive properly, causes an accident and then flees the scene?

He left a part of his Green GMC Jimmy imbedded in the front of my car. It is now in the possession of the local police department as evidence. I am sure, with all that is going on these days – that the capture of this asshole Mexican driver is at the top of their list.

I’m pissed.


Wise Ol' Man said...

Ooooh, ma'am...I'm on your side. It's time the silent majority gets a bull horn...and uses it.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd still feel the same if it was a white guy, or a black guy, or a yellow guy... just to eliminate his race from the scenario.

Taken as a separate topic, the illegal, under-insured, unlicensed immigrants need to be sent home. We can't support the world. There's a way to get here legally, and if you can't do it the legal way... I'm sorry. If you'll enter the country illegally, what else will you do that is illegal, simply out of convenience or desire?

There are plenty of laws in this country. Enforcing them once in awhile would be nice. We're required to have insurance, yet there is no place in the process when obtaining a license or the annual registration where confirmation of insurance is required. The only time it comes into play is if you get stopped or are involved in an accident. Maybe that's why he ran.

Or maybe he's an illegal citizen. Maybe that's why he ran.

Or maybe he's done something way worse than that accident, and doesn't want to get caught. Maybe that's why he ran.

Looking around the western suburbs of Chicago, I can't help but wonder when we become the United States of Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for diggin the moat and fillin it with alegators, should take care of the problem :)


nineninenine180 said...

I witnessed a guy getting side swiped once.The swiper never slowed down.In fact he sped up.We chased him 5 miles before he stopped and what a surprise.Wait for it.He was mexican.Seems to be a common theme.