Monday, March 17, 2008

He's wrong...wrong, wrong, wrong!!

“No way – I just ran 4 miles yesterday morning!” I firmly stated while my family was crying and hugging and kissing me.

I learned that our bodies have an awesome ability to not deal with devastating news – your brain just denies, denies, denies.

“We are seeing some enlarged lymph nodes.” the doc had said just an hour earlier......enlarged lymph nodes?

How about a tumor the size of a small cantaloupe pressing on my heart and lungs in the upper left region of my chest....

I just needed rest.


Anonymous said...

And you're here. And I'm SO glad.

-not sad

Happy St. Phatty's Day!


Please make sure someone brings you a glorious shamrock shake, so when you start peeing green, you can tell them that you found your leprechaun!

Susan said...

Crusty - I would LOVE to pee green if I wasn't on that whole weight watching deal!

Enjoy this beautiful Irish day!!


Susan said...

Hey, Phatty - thanks for the kind words!

green turds

Anonymous said...

crusty.. Shamrock shakes don't make me pee green. Green turds... it's not just a signature.