Monday, February 9, 2009

“You don’t care about me!!”

my daughter hysterically cried into the phone Saturday night.

Keith and I were enjoying a rare night out in Chicago with his brother-in-law, sisters and friends....celebrating his brother-in-law’s 35th birthday at a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon.

After being at the bar for about an hour or so Keith received a phone call from my which point I pulled my phone out of my purse and saw that I had 7 missed calls....all from my daughter Anna.

Both Keith and I left the bar area and hid in a small, just barely quieter, vestibule....him talking to my sister and me talking to my daughter.

It seems that Anna had a flat tire and needed help. Keith told my sister that we were at Howl at the Moon and were unable to help....and I let Anna know that we could not come and that she should call our next door neighbor's son who works at a service station and that I was sure he would be happy to help out a young damsel in distress. To which she said “I am NOT calling our neighbor!” I gave her a couple of other suggestions and it was finally decided that a friend’s father would come and change the tire. I left my phone out and visible after asking Anna to call me when she was back on the road again.

It wasn’t until the next morning while talking to our mom that I got the story of what was happening out in the western suburb that we live sister thought that Keith told her that we were at the “Full Moon”....which is a local tavern in our hometown...just down the road from where Anna had her pothole/tire mishap! My sister had hung up after talking with Keith and said to her husband...”They are at the Full Moon and they must be too drunk to drive…because they aren’t going to go help her!”

And that is where the whole miscommunication thing began...not only did my sister not know that we were an hour and 15 minutes away from the flat...Anna DID NOT KNOW either....leaving all of them to think (at least overnight) that I was an uncaring, selfish, drunk Mom looking to cause my daughter possible harm and pain.

18 years of unselfish parenting right down the drain


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Oh I hear your pain, but she knows the real mom deep inside, I'm sure. (Although you may not be sure of that for a few years!)

Hedy said...

That had to be incredibly frustrating. The thing is - and this is too common to not totally suck - why are the people who know us best so willing to believe the worst, even when they seriously oughtta know better? I don't have an answer, just asking. Hang in there. xoxo.